Toyo 250 ton die-casting machine with ABB robot system has a     2015-02-15
FWUJIH die-casting dept. just has new 250 ton Japanese Toyo machine. FWUJIH is scheduled to purchase 2+ more 250 ton casting machine this year.
Brother CNC Machines are acquired.     2015-01-24
FWUJIH has just purchased 6+ CNC machines from Japan again recently in order to increase the capability.
Facility tripling is completed.     2014-05-02
FWUJIH has completed facility extended recently, this extension will allow FWUJIH not only the capability but also better working environment for all ...
Toshiba 350 Ton Casting Machine with ABB robot is acquired     2013-04-30
We have just purchased Toshiba Die Casting Machine with ABB robot from Japan and Germany.
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Number : WS001
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